Somewhere between the ‘urban-ness’ of DJ Premier and the ‘art-school-ness’ of DJ Shadow resides Lewis’s self-named ‘Beatness.’ – Avir Mitra, Verbicide Magazine

DJ ArmBuster Lewis champions all that has to do with balance, style, and best of all rhythm. Or as he refers to his version of it, Beatness. Whether you’re talking about a drum beat, a bassline, or even life in general – everything has its own unique rhythm. Find its sweet spot and there is no better feeling.

While living in his native home of New York City, Lewis had early exposure to Hip hop via Uptown Manhattan park jams at The Dyckman projects where he would hear dee jays and emcees from his bedroom window. From that point on, the culture colored every part of his life. From stripped Lee’s and two-finger rings to fat caps and nickel weighted headshells, he lived the lifestyle in a matter of fact manner. No overposturing or hyper-swagger, just true to form Hip hop.

In the nineties ArmBuster Lewis, then known as Kaashif, was half of Brooklyn based Hip Hop duo, Urban Hermits. As owners of a small project recording studio, Urban Hermits worked and rehearsed with several local and underground acts, most notably, The BoogieMonsters. In just a few short years they went from just owning and running a studio, to arranging and producing their own material. Disgruntled with the state of the music industry at the time, he walked away from it all to pursue other interests, namely snowboarding.

In 2006, with the music industry vastly different than what it was a decade earlier, Armbuster Lewis recorded and released his solo debut ep ‘The Clothes Sundays EP’. It was a succint exploration of vibe-provoking sounds and tightly played push-and-pull breaks. Vinyl affiliated textures and sonic dexterity were unified to artisan wealth. With positive response upon the release, his material has been licensed on VH1 and NBC, YouTube, as well as independent films.

On January 11th, 2011, the man with many monikers released his most recent offering ‘Fistful Of Derelicts’, another exploration into his ‘Beatness’ brand of music.