“Continental Drift” by DJ ArmBuster Lewis on Travis Pastrana’s “Nitro Circus”

So it looks like DJ ArmBuster Lewis is keeping his music right where he likes it — in the middle of the action!

Action sports all-American poster boy Travis Pastrana and his crew have tapped one of ArmBuster’s songs, “Continental Drift” to help soundtrack the “Nitro Circus Greatest Hits” DVD.

Closing Credits listing DJ ArmBuster Lewis’ “Continental Drift”


About the Nitro Circus DVD:

“The Nitro Circus crew has been rockin’ for 15 years. In that time they’ve broken rules, bikes, bodies, and more. With Travis Pastrana and Gregg Godfrey leading, this crazy group of friends have documented their own brand of fun and shared it with the world. This two-disc Greatest Hits set is a must-have for any fan. Disc 1 tells the story behind the Nitro Circus. Sit around the campfire and listen and laugh as the crew chronicles it’s best and worst moments and see un-released footage for the first time. Learn how their crazy schemes were hatched and witness the epic victory/epic failure results of their breath-taking antics. Disc 2 is a collection of Travis’ biggest stunts. Hear the amazing details behind the no-chute jump, the double back flip, the floating ramp, and his latest record breaker, the Red Bull New Year’s No Limits Rally car jump across the bay in Long Beach. Previously un-released footage adds background to these and many more amazing moments in Travis’ incredible career. Over two hours of Nitro Circus craziness in this 2 disc set.”

About DJ ArmBuster Lewis:

DJ ArmBuster Lewis champions all that has to do with balance, style, and best of all rhythm. Or as he refers to his version of it, Beatness. Whether you’re talking about a drum beat, a bassline, or even life in general – everything has its own unique rhythm. Find its sweet spot and there is no better feeling.

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