Culture deserves enlightenment and fairness!

In an already weakened economic state, as compared to for example 15 years ago, the recorded music industry is yet again in another heated battle with one side who seems to want to continually remove even more fairness to songwriters, and another side who is fighting for songwriters. Many argue that artists/musicians, groups can go on the road and make the real money that is out there for the taking. Okay, fair enough. But suppose I am a songwriter. And I as a songwriter, don’t go out on the road and perform shows to sold out venues with a popular mainstream artist. I count on royalties to be accounted for in a fair manner, from resulting downloads/streams/plays of any and all of my works from across the many platforms that exist today. Now if one of those platforms is Pandora (to which I am actually and end-user as well), and that platform is now actively pursuing the end goal and paying songwriters an even lower royalty rate that what they already receive? Then may I remind the folks at Pandora that when you start to delve into the removal of means of sustainability to the very people who help create the very magic from which our overall culture is enriched by. When you make songwriters feel like an aspect of their livelihood is under attack. When you as a company possess the greatest market share, and still feel the need to unfairly reduce royalties to the very segment of the populace who provide you with the works that literally fuel your platform — that does not reflect enlightened actions or honorable fairness.

When you are the industry leader in music streaming, it is an unspoken role that you have taken on as carrying yourself and your vision as that of a true leader. An industry leader that is just, insightful, and fair.

As an end-user of your service, I always thought it to be a genius service that you offer where I can enjoy some music that appeals to me, and have my ‘stations’ actually refined over time, based on my likes and dislikes. However, as a songwriter, I find it harder and harder to justify holding my user account with Pandora.

Our culture deserves enlightenment and fairness.