DJ ArmBuster Lewis Interview with Verbicide Magazine

Avir Mitra over at Verbicide Magazine caught up with DJ ArmBuster Lewis to talk music, snowboarding, and future plans:
Avir Mitra: Do you have any plans to work with emcees for future records or are you strictly writing instrumental beats? If so, do you feel this would change your style or change the way you approach beats?


DJ ArmBuster Lewis: It’s gotta be the right union and connection. I can’t just put an emcee on a record for the sake of having lyrics on there or just to put on one of my boys if I’m not connecting with their vibe, you know? First and foremost I’m about the feeling of the music. If a lyricist/singer/poet comes across my way and we connect, who knows. But for now, it’s just about beatness.

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