‘Fistful Of Derelicts’ is DJ ArmBuster Lewis’s latest!


DJ ArmBuster Lewis’ latest is now finally available. Fistful Of Derelicts is ABL’s newest release on Shining Shadow Recordings and it’s more of what he is known for – molten-hot lava bombs on bass-heavy carpets surrounded by pure artistry.

A sampling of the places that have showcased ABL’s music have been NBA Access with Ahmad Rashad, VH1′s ‘Brooke Knows Best’, and many user generated You Tube videos worldwide. His brand of instrumental, groove-based music is what he often refers to as simply, ‘beatness’. From a snare-less, Chinese flute driven uptempo pop number, to a straight ahead Hip hop banger – any instrument or sound is fair game to ArmBuster Lewis. With Fistful Of Derelicts, he further explores his everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach to music composition and expression.

Not only am I content with this latest album, but the artists that jumped on board to do my album cover and poster are artists I’ve admired for a while now. Both James and Justin help to deliver what I feel my music is about. Can’t really ask for more than that right? – ArmBuster Lewis on visual artists James Knowles and Justin Van Genderen