Immortals Project invited to NXNE 2014


From dodging lasers and showcasing award-winning videos, to getting invited to play internationally — El Da Sensei & Duplicuts have been pretty busy!

And now they’ve been invited to play at North by Northwest (NXNE) in Toronto, Canada on June 21st. Along with acts like Audible Doctor and Soul Khan, they’ll be on hand to perform hits from their most recent album, “Rogue Agents” as part of the “FusionBox Radio” Showcase. Check the flyer below for the line up, location, and time:

If you’re in the Toronto area, or if you’re traveling to the festival from abroad, be sure to check these guys out as this will be their inaugural performance in Canada as a group!

Congrats guys!

Tickets to NXNE

Additional info for NXNE

A big thank you goes out to FusionBox Radio and NXNE for having the guys on!