Immortals Project music in iOS and Android app!

Immortals Project have recently gotten more love for their music. This time, in the form of the mobile/desktop app, “HighlightCam Social“. With well over 100,000 downloads so far, HighlightCam is revolutionizing how users create (and share) movies with a powerful mobile and desktop video-editing platform that takes your favorite videos & pictures & produces professional-quality movies.

“Create amazing movies right from your iOS or Android device – automatically! Easy, fast, and always free; you’ll definitely want to share this with your friends. You can even manage (and share) your movies right from your browser!” — from

The app allows users to mix up and collage together photos, videos, with the final product being soundtracked to music. And that’s where El Da Sensei & Duplicuts come in. The app has a robust and diverse selection of music from which the end user can choose from and as part of this catalog, The Immortals Project have two songs, “Lyrically Righteous” and “Count It Off“. Both songs are now available for inclusion in any of the collages the user wants.

“Not only is it cool to have more people hear our music, but it’s really dope to have it done through a desktop and mobile app platform.” — Duplicuts on Immortals Project being included in the Highlight Cam app

Check out “HighlightSocial Cam” app for Android

Check out “HighlightSocial Cam” app for iOS

Check out The Immortals Project songs below:

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